Walnuts Superfood for Students During Exams: Study

During the exams, students often take a lot of stress from practical to theory. It is there throughout the day. From memorising the long answers to completing the practical file on time, a student stresses a lot during the exam. To reduce stress, a student can add walnuts to their daily diet.

In a recent study, walnuts are found to be a brain superfood for students suffering from stress. In a clinical experiment, undergraduate students suffering from mental health were positively responded to after consuming walnuts during their university studies, reported ANI.

As per the study conducted by the University of South Australia, walnuts may ease the negative effects of academic stress particularly in females. The study has been published in the journal Nutrients.

As per the lead researchers, PhD student Mauritz Herselman and Associate Professor Laris Bobrovskaya, the results of the study add to the evidence that links with improved brain and gut health.

Herselman stated that students face academic stress throughout their studies, which affects their mental health and they become vulnerable during exam periods.

Quoting World Health Organisation (WHO), Herselman also said that the WHO has stated that at least 75 per cent of mental health disorders affect people under the age of 24 years, which makes undergraduate students particularly vulnerable to mental health problems.

According to him, the study found that those who took half a cup of walnuts daily showed improvements in their mental health indicator. “Walnut consumers also gave signals of improved biomarkers and overall sleep quality in the longer term,” Herselman added.

The walnut consumers also reported a significant drop in feelings associated with depression between the first and final visits, compared to the students in the control group who reported increased stress and depression levels during the exam period.

The previous research, walnuts contain omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants and melatonin, polyphenols, folate and vitamin E which not only boost a healthy gut but also improve the brain.