10 Beauty Trends That Will Define 2023

New year brings with it a bevy of trend forecasts. If 2022 was all about being comfortable in your own skin, 2023 will also be about low-maintenance. We know you have been following your favourite beauty bloggers and know for a fact that this coming year will be about minimalistic makeup with a lot more emphasis on skincare and we can’t agree more.

The 2023 beauty sphere will be coveting across make-up trends that are going to be the top hitters all year round. We get talking to Avleen Bansal, Head of Trainings, MOIRA India for the trends to watch out for this 2023.

  1. Smokey eyes are going to one of the perennial trend and it doesn’t need to be done in shades of black and grey. You will see more of warmer tones for creating sultry smokey eye look.
  2. Satin skin with matte finish on the center of the face and super glowy elsewhere is going to be modernized version of minimalistic makeup.
  3. Skincare-makeup hybrid products are going to take the front seat for sure. Make-up glow oils will play a vital role in achieving glazed skin that looks radiant.
  4. Blushers are going to be your best bet in 2023. Whether it’s clean girl make-up or a full blown glam look, blushers in cream and powder formula will be the game changer to elevate any look.
  5. Basic black wing eyeliner have dominated for years but now you will see more soft, smudgy and sultry liners in multiple colours that looks fresh and fun.
  6. Brows are huge in any makeup look. Brushed up eyebrows with tinted brow mascaras are definitely going to steal the show.
  7. Glitters are going to be highly prominent. High shine and layered metallic eye make-up looks will dominate.
  8. Nourishing and luxe lip formula will become a core for lipstick junkies.
  9. Viva Magenta would make stunning colour for a great monochromatic makeup look or graphic liners as it suits almost all skin tones.
  10. One will see the resurgence of 90’s make-up iconic brown lips for sure.