Is Drinking Milk At Night Good Or Bad? Expert Explains

Nutritionists frequently refer to milk as a complete meal since it contains calcium, salt, proteins, vitamins (A, K, and B12), lipids, amino acids, fibres, and antioxidants. Remember how your mother would chase you around the house to make sure you drank enough water? Milk has long been seen as a magical cure-all for excellent health […]


Investors see returns in depressed Asian dollar bonds, but risks too

Fund managers and investment advisers are returning to battered Asian bond markets, betting on a rebound in 2023, though with a wary eye on the risks of defaults and a global recession. Their optimism on markets that have been falling for nearly two years has been sparked by a host of measures China has announced […]


Russia can’t obtain its ‘domestic’ CPUs from foreign manufacturers

Sanctions against Russia are hitting multiple areas of industry, including its PC makers, who cannot obtain processors designed in the country and made by the likes of TSMC. It’s led to a large decline in the number of supplied PCs and servers based on Russian CPUs this year as the country lacks replacement production facilities. […]


Massachusetts man wins lottery prize worth $150,000 a year for life

A Massachusetts man bought six identical tickets for a single lottery drawing and ended up winning a prize of $25,000 a year for life — six times. Raymond Roberts Sr. of Fall River told Massachusetts Lottery officials his “intuition” told him to buy multiple tickets with the same numbers for the Dec. 14 Lucky for […]